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Civilian Base Station

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Civilian Base Station


The Civilian Base Station is an space station built and managed by one of the colonial or allied alien governments that make up the USFP. As such, the Civilian Base is not subject to the laws of the TSN, and is not intended to be a military installation. It is unarmed, and is more suited to handling commercial traffic and trade than defending the sector from attack. The Artemis may be called upon to defend a Civilian Station, as it is vulnerable to enemy attack and has a high population of innocent civilians.


The Civilian Base is not completely defenseless, however. It carries standard base shields, which can fend off enemy attack for a short time. And although the Civilian Base isn't built for military use, TSN warships are welcome to dock and make use of its facilities, which include energy replenishment, and resupply of torpedo ordinance. Civilian Bases usually carry a supply of torpedoes for TSN or civilian warships passing through the sector, and they are capable of building torpedoes, albeit at half the normal rate. Civilian stations are also able to share their sensor scans with the Artemis, and will hail the Comms officer to warn of enemy attack.



Quick Stats

Shields: (Front and Back)
Build Factor:


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