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Industrial Base Station

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Industrial Base Station


The Industrial Base Station is a massive manufacturing complex built in deep space. It is the largest base station currently known to the TSN. As an industrial complex, the Industrial Base is not subject to TSN control, but it is often called upon to build hardware for the TSN. This can range from torpedoes to actual TSN warships. (Although the Artemis can currently only request torpedoes) Industrial bases are quite valuable to the TSN, and the Artemis should respond quickly should one come under attack, since it is not armed and cannot defend itself.


The Industrial base has standard base shields, and can resupply the Artemis with energy and torpedoes when it is docked. Although the Industrial base has other contracts to fill, when a TSN warship asks, the Industrial base is obligated to build a single torpedo type for the vessel, at three times the standard rate.



Quick Stats

Shields: (Front and Back)
Build Factor:


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