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Space Bug

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Space Bug


Common Name: Insect or Bug


Scientific Name: Pulciem Subunae


Description on Science Screen: "Mildly dangerous creature with a pronounced stinger. Its sting can paralyze other space creatures or occasionally damage a starship."


The creature classified as "NSECT" by the TSN is commonly called the "Space Bug". It is the weakest type of spacegoing organism found in TSN patrolled space. (Individual Piranha are weaker, but travel in swarms capable of doing much more damage) It is a voracious eater, feeding on metallic substances and organic material alike, and can often be seen following and harassing BioMechs. Despite its insectoid appearance, the structure underneath its carapace appears to be consistent with other, similar space monsters.


As with all monsters, it appears on the LRS as a purple dot, and on Science as a purple asterisk. It must be scanned to identify it as a Space Bug. Once identified, its classification "NSECT" will appear on the Science display.


Behavior and Stats:

The NSECT is a fairly weak creature, and can easily be destroyed by a ship's weapons. They will absorb about as much damage as an unshielded ship before being destroyed. This makes them more of an annoyance than a danger, although they are extremely aggressive, and can be quite persistent in attacking a passing ship. Their "bite" deals little damage, and as with most monsters, they must circle around for another attack instead of dealing constant damage. The NSECT's size and speed is actually a disadvantage, as it can often miss when trying to attack.


Although they are not much of a threat, their small size makes them extremely fast. NSECTs regularly outrun BioMechs, so even though they are incapable of Warp travel, they can still move across the sector faster than any other sublight ship. If NSECTs swarmed like Piranha do, they would be a serious threat, so it is fortunate they are only ever found alone.


In Artemis 2.7, the age of a Space Bug can be determined on Science. A "Young" NSECT will have 60 health, a "Mature" NSECT 80 health, and an "Ancient" NSECT 100 health. Older individuals may be slightly larger, but this is not really noticeable.


When killed, the Space Bug will typically drop two anomalies, each giving the usual rewards.


Quick Stats

approx. 2.4 (Scout at 300% Impulse)
Damage: 10 damage
DPS: N/A (makes one attack per pass)
Range: Contact


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