Derelict Ships

Derelict Ships (Wrecks)


There are thousands of Derelict ships floating around TSN controlled space. Some are enemy vessels that were destroyed in past battles, some are civilian ships and transports that became stranded and had to be rescued. Still others are TSN warships that paid the final price for defending the USFP from their enemies. Despite being just useless junk now, some of these derelicts may contain valuable cargo or metals that can be salvaged by a resourceful crew.


However, such opportunism is not without its risks. Often, Space Piranha can be found lurking in these old hulks, feeding on the metal structure. A starship coming close to investigate a wreck may trigger a Piranha swarm -- resulting in two Wrecks for them to feed on, instead of just one.


Wrecks appear on the LRS as a purple dot, and on Science as a purple silhouette. (in 2.4+ only. In 2.3 it appears as an asterisk, just like normal monsters) It must be scanned to identify it as a Wreck, although its appearance will give it away. Once identified, its classification "WRECK" will appear on the Science display. A Wreck spawned when you destroy an enemy ship will be identified automatically.


To salvage a wreck, just shoot it with either beams or a torpedo. The wreck will be destroyed. An anomaly may be left behind, which will give its usual reward. Despite the risk, destroying wrecks can be a great way to search for energy, especially since fewer anomalies reward you with energy, and the energy reward is less than it was in 2.2.



Quick Stats

20 (2 beam shots will destroy a Wreck)
Special Ability: May spawn Piranha