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Elite Abilities

Page history last edited by Ryan McMullan 1 year, 11 months ago

Skaraan Elite Abilities


The Skaraans and their War Corporations provide a number of modular systems for inclusion in their warships. This gives Skaraan captains the freedom to modify their ships extensively, to match their own personal preference and style. Even among members of the same Corporation, Skaraan warships may exhibit different, and even complementary special abilities. TSN captains and crew should be on the lookout for these special abilities, and be prepared for their use before engaging a Skaraan. Fortunately, TSN Science equipment is able to recognize the signature of the most common systems used by Skaraan, and will report these signatures after a second, "deep" sensor scan.


(Note the corporate names given here are only of the most advanced and powerful forms of the given technology. Many War Corporations have developed similar technology that works effectively the same)


Full Name 

On Science Description
Low Visibility LowVis

VisiCorp 'Silent Running' Energy Dampening Baffles


The simplest example of Skaraan stealth technology, this enhancement to the ship's engines hides the position of the ship by reducing its energy signature. This reduces visibility on the Helm and Weapons consoles to one half of normal. (2500 units) The ship does still appear on the Main Screen, at the normal range of 7500.

Invisible to Tactical  Stealth

VisiCorp 'Sensor Screen' Electronic Counter Measures


This jamming device, built into many Skaraan ships, uses various techniques to hide the ship from FTL scanning technologies. This ranges from emitting random "white noise" to intercepting enemy scans and rebroadcasting deceptive echoes. This will hide the ship from Long Range Scan and Tactical, although it cannot fool a visual scan, or the Science console.

Cloaking  Cloak

Rhea Corporation Cloaking Device


The most powerful of the Skaraan stealth technologies, this device uses a top secret form of sensor refraction to completely hide a ship from detection by any form of long range or short range sensors. Even the Science console is unable to detect a cloaked ship. Fortunately, the cloaking device appears to use a lot of power, and a ship can only remained cloaked for 60 seconds. After that time, the Skaraan ship will appear and can be tracked, at least until it decides to activate the cloak again.

High Energy Turn  HET

Gravitic Technologies Higgs-Bosonic Rudders


The TSN has been making use of Higgs-Bosonic Rudders, which turn the ship with gravitational waves, since at least 2175, but most of the other races in the galaxy use conventional reaction thrusters. As TSN captains know, the advantage of this system is that power can be shunted to Maneuvering, improving performance by up to 300%. Skaraan captains that purchase this technology for their ships can also perform a "High Energy Turn", spinning around on a dime to confront a pursuer.

Warp Drive Warp

Gravitic Technologies Space-Time Warp Drive


The Skaraans were the first race other than our own that we found had ever developed Warp Drive. As with their Cloaking Device, it is a closely guarded secret. The Skaraan Warp Drive is limited to Warp 1 (although it is as fast as a TSN Scout's Warp 1) and apparently can only be maintained for 5 seconds. It is not known if this limitation is built into the engine or is due to its power use, or if Skaraans are able to maintain Warp for longer periods outside of combat. 

Jump Drive



WormHole Ltd. Mark 4 Jump Drive


Several Skaraan Corporations have their own version of the Jump Drive, and the technology seems fairly common, although only the Skaraans and Ximni use it in combat. When activated, the Skaraan will Jump by about 5000 units, closing quickly with a base or TSN warship. As with Warp Drive, it is not known if this limitation in range is a true maximum, or just a limitation in combat.

Tractor Beam Tractor

Grappler Enterprises 'No Escape' Tractor Beam


The Tractor Beam, when locked onto an enemy vessel, prevents that ship from engaging Warp. (Jump Drive is not effected) It is commonly used by pirates, but is used in battle by Skaraan warships as well. Although lesser ships would be locked in place by the beam, TSN warships have enough power to overcome its pull, so instead a Skaraan captain will use it to prohibit Warp driven maneuvers. You can tell if you are caught in a tractor beam by a purple beam effect on the Main Screen.  

Drone Launcher Drones

VictoryCorp 'Crossfire' Drone


The drone is more commonly encountered as a Torgoth weapon. However, some Skaraans make use of it as well. Note that while you can change the damage of Torgoth drones in the vesselData.xml file, the drones fired by Skaraans are set in the artemis.ini file under "droneDamageSkaraan", which defaults to 40 damage.   The speed for both Torgoth and Skaraan drones is also set in artemis.ini using "droneSpeed", which defaults to 2.7, making it slightly slower than TSN torpedoes with a speed of 3.0.

Anti-Mine Beams AntiMine

VictoryCorp 'Minesweeper' Targeting System 10


This advanced targeting system allows a Skaraan warship's beams to target mines. Either mines in a minefield or mines dropped by a ship can be destroyed in this way.

Anti-Torp Beams AntiTorp

VictoryCorp 'Hawkeye' Targeting System 12


An improvement on the Targeting System 10, this system lets a Skaraan warship target torpedoes. It can target Homing Torpedoes, Nukes, ECM, or PShock torps. The Skaraan must use its own beams to destroy the torpedo, so if it has already fired, or more than one torpedo is launched, it can be overwhelmed.

Shield Drain ShldDrain

Tada-0 Most Weak Shield Dissipation Field


This system attacks an enemy ship indirectly, causing a drop in shield strength as long as the ship is within 2500 units of the Skaraan. This effect will eventually drain shields to zero, although the process is fairly slow compared to beam damage. You can tell if you are caught in a Shield Drain effect by blue "sparkles" that appear around your ship's shields on the Main Screen.

Shield Vampire ShldVamp

Tada-0 Even More Good Leech Upgrade for Shield Dissipation Field


New to Artemis 2.3, this system allows shield energy drained from an enemy ship to be used to recharge the Skaraan's own shields. No research has yet been done on this system, but according to the change log, it must be used in combination with the Shield Drain ability.

Teleport Backwards ????

WormHole Ltd. Mark 5 Combat Jump Drive


This is not as much a separate Jump Drive as utilizing the Skaraan Jump Drive to perform a reverse jump, similar to the Ximni Combat Jump. The Skaraan will jump backwards by 5000 units, retreating from combat temporarily. This was introduced in Artemis 2.7.2.

Shield Scramble ????

Rhea Corporation Shield Modulation Scrambler


A clever new ability, introduced in Artemis 2.7.2, the Shield Scrambler allows the Skaraan ship to scramble it's own shield frequencies at regular intervals. Science must keep a close eye on it to report the changes to Weapons. As a side effect, the scrambler also resets the Skaraan's shields if it has been hit by an EMP, restoring the lost shield points.



Removed Special Abilities


The following special abilities were removed from the game in Artemis 1.7. Artemis 1.7 had only six special abilities, Warp, Jump, LowVis, Stealth, Cloak and HET. The other six were added in 2.0.


Name On Science Description
Invisible to Science InvToSci

Rhea Corporation Multidimensional ECM System


The most powerful example of Skaraan jamming technology ever created, this system was of extreme concern to TSN forces. It used dimensional shifting technology to jam even the most powerful sensors, rendering the Skaraan ship invisible to the Science console. This rendered their ships immune to scanning. Fortunately, TSN scientists were able to crack the secrets of the system, and upgraded TSN sensor systems to compensate. Soon after, the Skaraan Rhea Corporation discontinued use of the system, as it reportedly had harmful side effects.


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