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TSN Fighter

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TSN Medium Fighter


The TSN Medium Fighter is a small, single seat craft built for high speed and combat against other fighters and capital ships. It is not intended to operate alone, instead, it is attached to a Carrier, and is assigned a pilot, who commands that fighter as a separate crew station of the ship.


TSN Fighters are extremely fast and maneuverable, able to turn on a dime, and equipped with a Boost engine that can achieve a relative speed of Warp 0.3. While a fighter cannot achieve FTL speeds, it is faster than just about any other starship or space monster at sublight speeds, including the Arvonian fighter. TSN Fighters are also able to stop dead in space, in a relatively short time. Fighters move in three dimensions, and are able to perform roll and pitch maneuvers, so they can dive down on enemies from above, or come up from underneath them.


Their single beam does an unexpectedly high amount of damage, firing with a one second reload rate. A TSN fighter is able to tear through a Kralien Cruiser's shields in ten seconds, and is far more powerful than its Arvonian counterpart. It also carries three missiles, which are smaller but identical to a Homing Torpedo. The three missiles can be fired as fast as the fire button can be pressed, but once gone, the fighter must return to its home ship to reload.


Unlike Arvonian fighters, TSN fighters are equipped with capacitance shields that do not recharge over time. Instead, they must return to the home ship to restore the shield to full strength. The shield protects both the front and rear of the fighter and will take 120 damage before failing. (140 damage in version 2.3) It takes only 30 seconds to change out the shield capacitor after docking with the home ship, no matter how much damage was taken by the shields. Unfortunately, should the shields fail, the overload will cause the capacitor to explode. The TSN fighter is designed to jettison the pilot's escape pod in this event, initiating a Microspace Jump back to the home ship.


The TSN Fighter does not carry any scanning equipment, and its only communications are with the home ship. As such, the pilot requires information from the Science officer on enemy location and type. A fighter may also require support from Weapons, as it can be overwhelmed by drones or other fighters. A fighter cannot dock with a base, or any other capital ship besides its home ship. At this time, fighters do not use energy, and can go anywhere on the map, if given enough time to get there.



Quick Stats

0 (destroyed when shields fail)
Beam damage: 4
(Max) beam DPS:
Beam Range: 1000
Missiles: 3 Homing                 
Base Speed: 0.6
Top Speed:
Energy Use: 100% (fighters do not use energy)


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