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Ximni Scout

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Ximni Scout


The Ximni Scout is a small patrol ship, designed to satisfy the Ximni desire for exploration and adventure. Like its TSN counterpart, it is extremely fast, built for covering great distances at Impulse speeds. In combat, it is quite nimble and agile and its ultra-efficient jump drives can pull it out of danger at a moment's notice.


The Ximni Scout is built for long-range jump travel as well, and it has the highest jump efficiency rating of any ship, Ximni or otherwise. While it is no faster than any other jump driven ship, its low energy cost means it can splurge on Jump power levels for rapid recharge. Even at moderately high jump power, the Scout can make several jumps without needing to return to base for more energy.


The Scout's lack of firepower does not in any way discourage its Ximni crews, as they love to brag about how they faced danger and overcame unbeatable odds with the Captain's cunning Jump strategy, and the weapons officer's nerves of steel. The Scout carries a single forward firing beam, shields that are only three quarters the strength of the Ximni Light Cruiser, and one lone torpedo launcher. In other words, its firepower is identical to the TSN Scout. As with the TSN Scout, it carries no Nuclear Torpedoes, although it can help out friendly ships in the sector for an reward of 2 Nukes.


The Scout carries the usual science equipment and communication system. In fleet combat operations, the Ximni Scout may be asked to fulfill a reconnaissance and long range scan role, just like the TSN Scout. Since the Ximni Scout must Jump into subsectors in order to perform recon, and spend more time searching the area at impulse speeds, this can be a more involved and difficult task to perform without alerting the enemy. The Scout should also consider the ability to command allied warships in the area instead of trying to go into battle alone.


In Artemis 2.7, the Scout's role as a scientific research vessel was expanded with the addition of probes, tags, and beacons. These new torpedo types open up new possibilities for dealing indirectly with enemy forces, such as by setting up a beacon to attract monsters into an area where they can defend the sector. Artemis 2.7.1 finalized this supply of ordinance at 8 of each, giving the Scout class the largest supply of probes and other scientific instruments.


The Scout's engineer is responsible for maintaining the ship's flow of power, making the best use of the Scout's high efficiency. Unlike with a TSN ship, the engineer will probably want to maintain power to the Jump Drive, to allow rapid use of Combat Jump in an emergency. The Ximni Scout can be equipped with Warp Drive, if desired, but this is somewhat inefficient, as the Ximni Scout is not designed for it. Of all of the Ximni ships, however, the Scout is the most suited for Warp Drive, as it is small and has a very low electronic signature. This will result in the Warp speed of a Ximni Scout being faster than normal, with Warp 4 for a Scout being the equivalent of Warp 5.3.


Quick Stats
Forward Shields:
Back Shields:
Beam damage: 12
Beam DPS:
2.0 - 6.0 depending on power settings
Max beam DPS:
6.0 at full power and in the 150 degree forward arc
Beam Range: 1000
Torpedo Stores: 1
Torpedo Stores: 6 Homing, 2 Mines, 2 ECM, 1 PShock (2.2 only)
Top Speed:
Energy Use: 70% of standard, 40% jump, 100% warp
Beam Arc (at Zoom 1)



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