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Ximni Battleship

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Ximni Battleship


Of all of the Ximni ships, the Battleship demonstrates the difference in strategy that is called for by their mastery of Jump Drive. The TSN Battleship is a heavy hitter, designed to meet an enemy ship head on and blast it with as much firepower as possible. By contrast, in combat the Ximni Battleship jumps around the battlefield, sniping at enemies from a distance and catching faster enemies like Skaraans in their massive firing arcs.


The Battleship has 4 beams, 2 torpedo tubes, and massive shields that are strongest in the front. But that is the extent of the comparison with its TSN counterpart. The Battleship's beams cover an extremely wide arc, with two covering the front and two more covering each flank, and they fire at 4 times the normal rate. Each beam does about half the damage of a standard beam, and all four overlap in the front, so the Ximni Battleship does almost twice the damage of its TSN counterpart. In addition, the Battleship's beams have more than twice the range, making them able to engage enemies outside even the range of a TSN Dreadnought.


The Ximni Battleship has four sublight engines, two in the rear, and two in the nose section, right in front of the twin jump rings. Despite its massive size, it is remarkably fast and agile, just like the TSN Battleship. Unfortunately, the Ximni Battleship uses a great deal of energy, both because of the low efficiency of its power systems, and because each of its fast firing beams use the usual 2 units of energy with each shot. As with all ships, it can dock with a friendly starbase to replenish its energy stores, as well as restock its torpedoes.


The Battleship carries the usual Ximni systems for power allocation, science equipment, and communications. It can be outfitted with Warp Drive instead of Jump Drive, and in the case of the Battleship, this can be somewhat efficient, as it uses no more energy than the Ximni Light Cruiser with Warp. It may use slightly more energy on maintaining systems, but given that Jump Drive is more efficient for a Ximni ship anyway, Warp Drive may not be that bad a choice.


The Ximni Battleship is probably the most powerful ship in the game, greatly outperforming the TSN Battleship in terms of damage dealt. Even in the 100 degrees to each side, where only three beams can be fired, the Battleship still does a max DPS of 30.0. The TSN Juggernaut may do more damage when you include the damage done by fighters, but it is hard to beat the amount of damage that the Ximni Battleship can generate.


Quick Stats
Forward Shields:
Back Shields:
Beam damage: 5
Beam DPS:
3.33 - 10.0 depending on power settings
Max beam DPS:
40.0 at full power and in the 50 degree forward arc
Beam Range: 2600
Torpedo Tubes: 2
Torpedo Stores: 8 Homing, 2 Nukes, 6 Mines, 4 ECM, 5 PShock (2.2 only)
Top Speed:
Energy Use: 110% of standard, 60% jump, 120% warp
Beam Arcs (at Zoom 1)
Beam Arcs (at Zoom 2)


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