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Zim Shuttle

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Ximni Zim Shuttle


The Zim Shuttle, (often affectionately referred to as "The Party Bus") is a four to six passenger transport craft which is available on all Ximni ships. A single pilot can command that shuttle as a separate crew station of the ship.


Unlike the Zim Fighter and Zim Bomber, the shuttle is intended for exploration and investigation, and is not designed for combat. The Zim Shuttle is far slower and less maneuverable than a fighter, although its shields are considerably stronger. It carries no missiles, and its single beam is much weaker than that of a fighter.


The standard Zim Shuttle is equipped with a Boost engine that is capable of propelling it at 20% of the speed of Warp 1. A variation which can be chosen from the ship's Customization screen, called the LR (long range) Shuttle, is capable of Warp 0.3. It has a higher base speed as well. Both shuttles have infinite range, if given enough time to get there.


Scripted missions may make use of the shuttle to perform certain tasks, such as picking up anomalies or transporting a dignitary from one base to another. Unfortunately, at this time there is not much use for shuttles in the other mission modes. The Zim Shuttle's single beam is sufficient to shoot down drones, which means a shuttle can be used by the Zim Missile Cruiser as a sort of point defense. In Artemis 2.7, shuttles gained the ability to pick up anomalies for their home ship, even in non-scripted modes.


If a shuttle is destroyed, replacements are not available from base stations in most game modes. However, scripted missions may identify one or more base stations that will provide replacement shuttles. The script will usually identify which base stations will provide a shuttle. (For the moment at least, if a shuttle is destroyed it can be replaced by a fighter from a base station. It is not known if this will change in future revisions.)


As with the Zim Fighter, the pilot of a shuttle requires information from the Science officer on enemies that may be a threat, as well as the location of anomalies in the area. A shuttle definitely requires protection from Weapons if launched in combat, as it can be overwhelmed by enemy fighters or capital ships. A shuttle cannot dock with a base, or any other capital ship besides its home ship.



Quick Stats

0 (destroyed when shields fail)
Beam damage: 1
(Max) beam DPS:
Beam Range: 1000
Missiles: None                 
Base Speed: 0.4 (0.6 for LR Shuttle)
Top Speed:
1.2 (1.8 for LR Shuttle)
Energy Use: 100% (shuttles do not use energy)


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