Pirate Scout

Pirate Longbow (Scout)


The Pirate Scout, known as the "Longbow", appears very similar to an oversized TSN Fighter. It may have been built on a TSN or Ximni Scout hull, which was stripped down and rebuilt in this configuration. It is the fastest ship in the game, with a maximum relative Warp speed of 5.67. It is extremely maneuverable as well, able to turn as quickly as its own Adventure shuttle, with 300% power to its gravitic maneuvering systems.


In terms of firepower, the Longbow is almost identical to the Scouts of the other two factions. It carries a single forward firing beam, doing the same damage as a standard TSN beam, and has standard shields as well. It lacks the rapid fire rate of the other Pirate vessels. It does trade a Mine for two additional Homing torpedoes, but is otherwise identical to other Scouts, with just a single launcher and no Nukes. It may pick up 2 Nukes as a reward for a side mission to help out an allied ship in the sector, or (2.7 only) by raiding an enemy vessel that has surrendered.


In Artemis 2.7, Pirates are considered odds with the TSN, and are not officially welcome to dock at TSN or civilian base stations. Destroying any enemy ship will gain the Pirate access to the bases in the sector, but destroying a friendly ship will lose the Pirate that access, for the rest of the game. A Longbow crew will have to decide whether they want to ally with the TSN, and only attack the enemy forces, or raid both sides and force them to surrender so they can be plundered for energy and torpedoes. Prior to 2.7, Pirates were not treated any differently than any other player ship, and could dock freely with TSN bases.


Despite its small size, the Longbow carries the usual communications and science equipment, and can fulfil the usual role of reconnaissance and investigation for a fleet of players. In 2.7, it only carries the standard supply of 2 probes, 2 beacons and 2 tags, but as a Pirate vessel, it can fulfill light raiding and infiltration roles as well, supplementing the ability to manipulate monsters with high speed and maneuverability designed for hit and run tactics.


Of all the Pirate vessels, the Longbow is particularly suited to Jump Drive. While it is nowhere near as efficient as a Ximni Scout, it is more efficient than a TSN Scout, and will be able to Combat Jump as well. Despite the fact that the Longbow's maximum Warp is so fast, it may be more efficient to use Jump Drive, and cover ground between jumps at impulse speeds. Note that a TSN Scout has more efficient warp engines, but the Longbow can go faster, which saves a little energy because the trip takes less time.


Quick Stats
Forward Shields:
Back Shields:
Beam damage: 12
Beam DPS:
2.0 - 6.0 depending on power settings
Max beam DPS:
6.0 at full power and in the 150 degree forward arc
Beam Range: 1000
Torpedo Tubes: 1
Torpedo Stores: 8 Homing, 1 Mine, 2 ECM, 1 PShock 
Top Speed:
Energy Use: 100% of standard, 80% jump, 100% warp
Beam Arcs (at Zoom 1)