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Space Jelly

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Space Jelly


Common Name: Jelly


Scientific Name: Senseim Roeinanae


Description on Science Screen: "Harmless, mindless creature that lives in space, generally near asteroids or other large objects."


Commonly known as the "Space Jelly" or "Jellyfish", this spacefaring lifeform appears to be a more primitive form of the Space Whale. Like the Space Whale, the Jelly has no carapace, and the gelatinous, glowing substance of its body is readily visible. The glowing sparkles surrounding their body suggests that they are made of some sort of plasmatic energy, and although they undulate as they travel around the sector, it is likely that the flashes of energy are their true mode of locomotion.


They appear to be immune to radiation of most sorts, and may feed on asteroids in an unknown fashion. Although they are preyed upon by most other Space Monsters, they do not appear to have any form of defense. They will try to avoid contact with other lifeforms, but move extremely slowly, and can be easily outmaneuvered.


Like all monsters, Jellies have an age, which can be determined on the Science screen. Similar to Whales, young Jellies are a bright yellow in color, while older (Ancient) Jellies are yellow green. Older individuals are also considerably larger. This color variation seems to be unique to Jellies and Whales.


Space Jellies were introduced in Artemis 2.7. They are the first monster to be added to the game since Artemis 2.2.


Quick Stats

1 (any hit will cause the jelly to "fade away")
approx. 0.06 (A Light Cruiser can keep pace at Impulse setting 10)


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