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Pirate (Race)

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Logo of the Pirates of the Euphini Expanse 

The Pirate faction, while separate from the Terran Stellar Navy and the Ximni, are not actually an additional race. They are made up of members of the other races; Terrans, Ximni, rogue Arvonians, heretic Kraliens, stunted Torgoth runts, and even the occasional Skaraan mercenary. The only thing Pirates have in common is their love of money and adventure, and their distain for rules, orders, and government. Many Pirates started out as Terran colonies that went rogue after the formation of the United Space Faring Planets, and refused to give up their independence.


The Pirates have no organization, and swear no allegiance to anyone. They roam the space lanes looking for transport ships to raid and loot, or space monsters to hunt for their valuable radiation resistant hides and other body parts. If they can force an enemy ship to surrender, they will loot it for valuable rewards of energy and torpedoes, including Nukes. Since Pirate ships are not authorized to use Nukes, as they are not military vessels like the TSN and Ximni, they have to raid enemy ships in order to match firepower with the TSN. To loot a surrendered ship, just move within 400 units of it. Destroying an enemy ship after it has surrendered is considered bad form even for a Pirate, and will be counted against your final score.


Since the Pirates are often at odds with the TSN, they are not initially welcome at their base stations. When a game begins, a Pirate ship will be turned away from any base stations in the sector, and prevented from docking. The Pirate can earn the trust of the Station Administrator in the sector by killing an enemy ship. Any enemy ship will do, even a Kralien Cruiser, and the Pirate will be allowed to dock as normal. If the Pirate ever destroys a friendly Destroyer, Escort or transport vessel, however, the Station Administrator will revoke the Pirate ship's docking rights, and will never allow the pirate to dock for the remainder of the game, no matter how many enemies are killed. It is up to the Pirate crew whether they want to make use of the stations, or just ignore them and survive on looted energy and torpedoes. Note that bases will have Pirate fighters to replace those lost in battle.


(The above Pirate rules are new to version 2.7. In 2.6, Pirates could dock at bases as TSN or Ximni ships, and there were no penalties or benefits in raiding or destroying friendly ships. There are still no direct advantages to destroying friendly ships -- although they may spawn wrecks, which drop anomalies -- but it is hoped that future releases with include even more ways to engage in piracy)


The Pirate faction has traditionally made use of a variety of ships, mostly TSN or other Terran warships. More recently they have begin tearing down their ships in order to rebuild them into a form that is more recognizable and intimidating. Thus, the Pirates currently have three classes, the Strongbow, the Longbow, and the Brigantine carrier. The Longbow was not available in the 2.6 release of Artemis, but is included in 2.7.


Roleplaying and Cosplaying Suggestions:


Pirates are probably the most fun race to cosplay, for obvious reasons. As noted on the page for cosplaying a Terran, you do not need complicated makeup, just a pirate-themed uniform. The possibility to play any of Artemis's races, including Ximni and Arvonians in a Pirate crew lends even more interesting possibilities. Check the pages on the other races for cosplaying ideas.


(The Pirate logo was designed by Clavestone for Artemis Armada I and has been featured on Artemis merchandise even prior to the introduction of the Pirate faction. The prominent skull on Pirate ships may be a nod to this logo)

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