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Tags (Tracker)

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The Bio Tracker torpedo, more commonly referred to as a "Tag" is a type of ordinance that is carried by TSN and Ximni starships. While built on a standard homing torpedo frame, the tag is similar to the probe, in that it does not carry a warhead, and is primarily intended for scientific research and experimentation. On contact with the target, typically a xeno-organism or Space Monster, the torpedo will attach a sensor package and a small but powerful transmitter to the creature's body. The tag will then begin gathering data on the xeno-organism, including its current health, and broadcast it on a ultrawave frequency which can be picked up and analyzed by a starship's Science station.


In essence, "tagging" a Space Monster serves as the "Level 2 scan" for a monster, and displays that monster's health bar and hit points, allowing Science to determine how close a monster is to being killed. Once tagged, a monster appears on the Science display with a small square next to its icon. A monster may be tagged up to four times, and the list of tags will appear in the Intel portion of the Science information display when the monster is selected. Each tag displayed will list the name of the ship that placed the tag, and the date it was placed. Note that some monsters may already be tagged before the game even starts, and Science will be able to see their health information as soon as they have been scanned. Untagged monsters that are subsequently tagged by the player ship will show that ship's name on the tag indication, and the current date. (Note that the date will be the current clock date of the computer running the server, not an in-universe "stardate" or the like)


In scripts, tags generated automatically when a monster is spawned or placed on a monster by the player ship will be defined as in the non-scripted game modes. However, any tags that are added by the script to a created monster may not be in the same format, and in fact may contain special information for Science to view. A script may also have difficulty setting the date on a tag to anything other than an absolute time. (In other words, a script can set the date to "Jan 1, 2001", but not "two days ago") The use of these special features would depend on the script.


Although tags are not designed for combat use, they can be useful in combat, particularly against Skaraans. If a tag is fired at an enemy ship, it will attach to the ship's hull, and disable that ship's Cloak and Teleport elite abilities. Although the tag is not useful in PvP at this time, it has been suggested that tags could be used to disable some player abilities, such as Warp or to track ships that are out of sensor range. Any object that can be targeted by weapons can be tagged, including bases and friendly ships, but tagging those objects has no purpose at this time. You can even tag a drone, if you're fast!


Scouts and Light Cruisers, which are more lightly armed than other, combat-oriented classes of starship, are well suited for patrol and exploration missions that could make use of tags. As of Artemis 2.7.1, Scouts (either TSN or Ximni) carry 8 tags, the most of any class of ship. Light Cruisers (again, TSN and Ximni) carry 5 tags, and most other ships carry 2. The Minelayer is the single exception, as it carries no tags. Version 2.7.0 uses an earlier loadout of probes, tags and beacons in which these numbers were not finalized and in many cases wrong, but this should not be a problem if you have updated your installation.


Starbases can produce and store these tags. It takes 1 minute for a starbase to produce one. Thus, large numbers of tags can be produced even faster than homing torpedoes, although they cannot be made from energy, as homing torps can. Tags were added in Artemis 2.7.



Quick Stats

Scans health of monsters/Disables Cloak and Teleport
Fire Arc:
360 degrees
Max Range: 5,400 units
Signal Radius: At least 50,000 units
Base Stores: 0-4 (at start of game)
Build Time: 1 minute (divided by build factor)


At least 634 units behind the ship deploying them

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