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Welcome to the Unofficial Artemis Wiki


This is a repository for information about how to play, strategies, and information on how

things work under the hood of the Artemis Starship Bridge Simulator by Thom Robertson.


If you're reading this then you know as much as anyone else. Feel free to add what you

know to any of these pages. 

Latest Version:


The latest release version of Artemis for Windows is 2.8.0, which was released 30 December 2021. There is no upgrade path from 1.x to 2.x.


The Latest Version for iOS (I Devices such as iPad) is 2.4.0, released 06-05-2016.


The Latest Version for Android is 2.400 released 06-05-2016.


Note: In order to use a combination of tablet and PC installations of Artemis, the PC installations will all have to be "downgraded" to 2.4. Some Missions and Mods also require specific versions of Artemis SBS. Please refer to the Missions or Mods pages. Basic info on "downgrading" can be found on this page: (Try using version 2.1 for any version prior to 2.0, e.g. 1.7)



FAQs: General questions ranging from first-look explanations of the game to nitty gritty details. Some of them are answered, feel free to pose them even if you don't have an answer.


Running the game: Covers out-of-game basics including how to get Artemis up and running, including alternate hardware such as Mac and touchscreen. Also details server and client set-up and settings, and voice communications.


Official Game Manual (v1.7): The only official manual for the game was published for version 1.7 of Artemis. It's a good place to start and print as a ready reference, but it is somewhat out of date. Since it is no longer available on Thom's site, this link is to Steam's archived copy.

Game Manual Addendum (v2.0): The above manual was for version 1.7, but Mike Substelny published this addendum to bring it up to date when Artemis 2.0 came out.


Quick Start Guides (v. 2.0): Very brief guides to each station, intended for new players.


Station overviews: The capabilities and roles of each station, as well as explanations of basic and advanced play for each of the bridge stations.

Other consoles:


Artemis SBS console tutorial: Official overview video by Artemis creator Thom Robertson (15:00).


Difficulty Settings: A summary of the difficulty levels, including a listing of active features.


Missions: Descriptions of the scripted missions.


Mission Scripting: A description of the xml scripting commands and properties used to create missions.


Mods, Add-ons, Tools: User-created content for Artemis


Artemispedia: Detailed reference information including



  • Keyboard: Default key binding quick reference pages, and how to customize the key bindings.
  • Joystick: How to configure your joystick for use with Artemis.
  • DMX Devices: How to get your ship lit with the DMX interface.


The World of Artemis

This section includes all non-canon works written by and for fans of Artemis: The Spaceship Bridge Simulator.

Canon and BackstoryMaps, timeline, and in-universe documents detailing the conflict between the Terran Star Navy and the Alien Hegemony.



TSN RP Community

The TSN RP Community is a group of players that meet on a regular basis to play Artemis Spaceship Bridge simulator online. It was created by players for players and is open to all those that wish to play as officers of the TSN. Click the link above to go to the TSN RP Community Homepage and find out more about us.


About the Community

The TSN RP Community was officially launched in March 2013. In the beginning, the community consisted of only a few regular players, and one ship: the TSN Falcon. Since then, it has continued to grow and evolve. As of January 2015, there are around 30 - 40 people attend from across the world, and there are five fully operational ships, with a sixth and seventh ship often used when numbers are especially high.


All officers in the community aim to create the best experience possible, and operate in the most effective ways. The Community has developed and established very clear and effective protocols and procedures that allow crews to fulfil this aim, and these make TSN RP bridge crews some of the best around. Far from being exclusive, the community always welcomes new officers, and helps train them to become part of these crews.



United Stellar Navy RP Community

In October 2015, a new roleplaying group formed. Taking the name of the now-inactive United Stellar Navy, they focused on internet based gameplay and prioritizing the fun and community aspect of the game over technical ability and tactics. Additionally, they have an equity statement and three founding guidelines:

  • The United Stellar Navy has one purpose: to help people have fun playing Artemis. We do this by hosting games ourselves, building a developing and persistent story line, and by welcoming and giving training to new players and people who want to play.
  • Any crew may call themselves a crew of the United Stellar Navy provided that, as a crew, they have no other outside affiliations. The only requirement for membership is a desire to play Artemis.
  • We speak out against exclusion of people and recognize the value of a diverse community, and encourage cross-cultural leadership.



Community Teamspeak

Currently there are two main community Teamspeak servers for use by the general public. To connect up to them, enter in the server addresses below into the connection window on Teamspeak.


ArtemisSpeak.org - The oldest of the Artemis Teamspeaks, this is the one most frequently used for pickup games and the community in general.


comms.terranstellarnavy.community - This server is the home of the TSN RP Community. Hosted by the TSN RP Community, the busiest time is on Saturday when the community meet. 


ArtemisWiki Archive

Archived content.

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