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Munitions and Probes


A variety of Munitions are available to the Captain of a TSN or Ximni starship.  A summary of the five primary munitions are listed below, along with links to further information. Unless edited in the artemis.ini file, all torpedo munitions travel at a speed of 3, and have a range of 5400, which is the limit of visibility of the Weapons station. As noted in the Ship Statistics page, a speed of 3 means the torpedo moves 300 units per second, or about half of a Light Cruiser's speed at Warp 1.


Munitions must be loaded into one of the ship's available launch tubes, and fired by the Weapons officer. Loading a torpedo or other munition takes 15 seconds at standard power settings. Munitions may also be unloaded instead of fired, which takes an additional 15 seconds.


TSN, Ximni and Pirate Munitions


At this time, the same munitions are available for each of the three player races. It has been suggested that new munition types may be developed specifically for one player race or another, at which time this list will be edited to divide munitions by race.



Mark 1 Homing Torpedo


Introduced in 2187, this has been the standard long-ranged “kill” weapon of the Terran Star Navy for 20 years.  While incremental improvements have been made, such as the “Block C” sensor package upgrade, the basic systems have remained the same since the weapon was added to the TSN arsenal.


Homing Torpedoes are basic missile weapons, homing in on a single ship and dealing a reasonable amount of damage. They are plentiful at stations and the player ship can generally carry a large number of them. Homing torpedoes can also be converted to energy if needed, or built from energy. When built by stations, Homing torpedoes take 3 minutes to build, divided by the base's build factor. (They take no time if built by the player ship)


Homing Torpedoes


Type 4 LR Nuclear Torpedo


When the TSN began to encounter larger groups of enemy combatants, the decision to resurrect fusion weaponry was passed in the Terran Senate after heavy debates.  The weapon is capable of destroying multiple shielded vessels in a medium blast radius. 


Nuclear torpedoes work much like homing torpedoes, only they are much more destructive. When a nuclear torpedo detonates, it deals a substantial amount of damage to everything nearby. They are rare and take a long time to produce at stations, and the player ship can only carry a small number. Nuclear torpedoes take 10 minutes to build, divided by the base's build factor.


Nuclear Torpedoes 


Type 6 Mine


Deployable as a single unit in ‘deterrent mode’ or as a group in ‘area denial’ mode, the Type 6 mine has been an effective anti-shipping weapon since its introduction in 2182.  Used mostly to protect fixed space stations which are vulnerable to enemy action.


Unlike torpedoes, mines do not seek a target and are instead deployed out of the back of the player ship as it travels. Ships approaching mines will cause them to detonate and do damage to everything within a wide area. Mines are plentiful at stations and the player ship can usually carry a fair number. Mines take 4 minutes to build, divided by the base's build factor.


Mines are also found as terrain features on the map on more interesting sector layouts - they tend to be arranged in large grid-like clusters.




Type 9 EMP


The EMP torpedo fires and explodes like a nuke, causing a wide explosion that can hit multiple ships. However, instead of physical damage, a ship hit by an EMP blast will lose half of its maximum shield strength, AND its shield frequencies will be severely damaged, making beams much more effective against them. EMP torpedoes take 5 minutes to build, divided by the bases build factor.


Additional Note

An EMP fired at a ship that already has its shields equal to or below half strength will have no effect. Should either shield arc be over 50% strength; that arc will be reduced to 50%, however the other shield arc will remain the same.


Firing two EMP's at an enemy vessel does not reduce the shield strength to 0, neither will it reduce the shield strength to 25%. Only the first EMP will have any effect, reducing enemy shield strength to 50%. The second EMP will have no effect on shield strength.


EMP Torpedoes


Type 8 Plasma Shock


The Plasma Shock torpedo, commonly abbreviated "PShock", is similar to the Homing Torpedo, but carries a warhead that sets off a Phased Plasma pulse, creating a resonance in the hull that deals massive damage over time. The torpedo will deal only a single point of damage against shields, but if shields are already down, the PShock will continue to deal damage until the target is destroyed.


PShock torpedoes also are useful against monsters, even though the Phased Plasma warhead does not generate enough heat to damage organic matter. However, the concentration of energy waves in the monster's body will disrupt its neural pathways, stunning it and rendering it immobile.


Additional Note

PShock torpedoes were introduced in Artemis 2.2. They are not available in previous versions. As the new monster types were also introduced in 2.2, they may have been intended to provide the player with a non-lethal means to deal with monsters.


As of Artemis 2.3, PShock torpedoes are available at base stations, and Comms can order bases to produce them. They take 10 minutes to build, the same as Nukes. In 2.2, PShock torpedoes could not be built at bases.


PShock Torpedoes





Probes, tags and beacons were introduced in Artemis 2.7. Although launched from the torpedo tubes by the Weapons officer, these ordinance types are not weaponry. While they are primarily intended for scientific research and investigation, they can also be used in combat to create a distraction or to disrupt enemy systems.



Type 5 Bio Beacon


The Type 5 Beacon was introduced not long after the Type 6 Mine in 2182, but it was originally intended as a distress beacon. In 2237, after increasing encounters with new and dangerous xeno-organisms, TSN scientists began research into using EM wave signals to attract or repel these creatures. The Bio Beacon can be programmed to emit these signals, modifying the behavior of xeno-organisms and possibly using them to distract or block enemy ships in combat situations.


Similar to a mine, a Beacon is dropped from a ship, and broadcasts a signal that can attract or repel monsters. Once dropped, it can be picked up, and reprogrammed to be used again and again. Bio Beacons are particularly useful to Scouts, who can use them to attract monsters to an enemy ship.




Mark 2 Probe


Probes have been standard issue for TSN Scout ships since the early days of Terran colonization. Starting in 2241, the TSN began making them available for warships of the line, in an attempt to improve their usefulness in non-combat situations. Built on a standard torpedo casing, the probe is packed with an advanced instrumentation package for long range scanning and detection.


Probes are designed to be launched from a ship, and will extend the sensor range in much the same way a base or an allied ship extends the sensor range of the player ship. Probes are intended to be used with limited Sensor Range settings, and have no real purpose if Sensor Range is set to Unlimited. Probes take only a minute to build, divided by the base's build factor.




Type 7 Bio Tracker (Tag)


While civilian ships have been tagging Space Whales and other xeno-organisms for centuries, the TSN developed the "Tag" in 2237, and began shipping them to the frontier in 2240. Modified from the Mark 1 Homing Torpedo, instead of exploding on impact with a target, it uses a gravitational grapple to affix a sensor instrumentation package to a ship's hull or xeno-organism's hide.


Like a Homing Torpedo, a Tag is launched at a targeted ship or monster and will home in on that target. When used against a monster, it will "tag" the monster, broadcasting data about the monster's condition to the Science station. Tags will remain attached to an individual monster, and Science may be able to detect that a monster has already been tagged, and carries data collected by an earlier investigation. Enemy ships can also be tagged, which will disable their Cloak and Teleport abilities.






These are the default values for each munition type (as of 2.7.2).  They are editable in the Artemis.ini file, so they may be changed for certain mods or sessions.

Torpedo Type Damage Minutes to Build Launch Speed Notes
Homing/Torpedo 25 3 Front 3 can convert to energy
Nuke 160* 10 Front 3 blast area (*damage at center)
Mine 160* 4 Rear 3 stops and arms after 500km (*damage at center)
EMP Shield 5 Front 3 blast area, Halves shields, lowers frequencies
Plasma Shock kill 10 Front 3 only affects unshielded ships
Beacon 0 1 Rear 3 stops and arms after 500km, attracts or repels monsters
Probe 0 1 Front 9 scans around the torpedo
Tag 0 1 Front 3 Provides monster details, counters cloaking



TSN Base Munitions


The only TSN Base Station that carries torpedo-style Munitions is the Command Base. The torpedo fired by this base is similar to a Homing Torpedo, but is not the same. It does 30 damage, (instead of 25) has the standard speed of 3, and a range of 5000. The base is able to fire one torpedo every 30 seconds. (For 1 DPS)



Mark 3 Base Torpedo


Introduced in 2215, on the eve of the First Spiral Arm War, this improved Mark 1 Homing Torpedo was designed specifically for TSN Command Bases. Built around a much larger frame than the Mark 1, it was incapable of being loaded into TSN warship launch tubes.


The TSN Command Base is capable of launching this torpedo, which is a Homing Torpedo with a bigger warhead. The Command Base's fire rate is lower than that of a TSN warship, but it has an effectively infinite supply.




Enemy Munitions


The majority of races in the galaxy use beam weapons, because of their efficiency and lack of need for ammunition. The Torgoth and Skaraans, however, make use of computer guided munitions. These drones are quite large compared to TSN torpedoes, making them easy for TSN beam targeting systems to track them. Note also that some Skaraan ships carry targeting systems that can track and destroy TSN torpedoes.


It is assumed that the Skaraans provide the Torgoth with their drones, because they are functionally identical across the two races. The Torgoth also use the exact same drone for their bases. This drone does 40 damage, has a speed of 2.7, and a range of 7000. (Technically a drone has infinite range, but it will only be fired at a ship within 7000 units) Most Torgoth ships can fire one drone every 20 seconds. (for 2 DPS) The Torgoth Behemoth fires once every 15 seconds and the Torgoth Base once every 9 seconds. (For 2.67 and 4.44 DPS respectively)


Not all Skaraan ships are equipped with drones, but those that have them can fire one every 20 seconds. This rate of fire, as well as damage and range, was set in Artemis 2.7.2, which also made these values editable in artemis.ini. Skaraan and Torgoth drones are also unique in that they deal damage to four internal player ship systems when shields are down. Other weapons will only damage one system node per hit, no matter how much damage that individual hit does.


Prior to Artemis 2.7.2, all drones did 30 damage, and had a range of 5000. Most drones had a cycle time of 30, doing 1 DPS, although the Torgoth Base had a cycle time of 15 seconds. (The same as the Torgoth Behemoth now) These values were not editable between Artemis 2.7 and 2.7.2, athough they were in Artemis 2.3 to 2.6.


Skaraan VictoryCorp 'Crossfire' Drone


The TSN was introduced to the Torgoth drone in 2188, during the First Torgoth Incursion. It was not until later that we learned that the drone was not manufactured by the Torgoth. The distinctive "X" shaped silhouette of the oncoming drone is a familiar sight to many a TSN Weapons officer.


The Torgoth Drone (also used by the Skaraans) is a hefty guided missile weapon, homing in on the target ship and doing better damage than its TSN counterpart. Its cross shaped frame supports four powerful sublight engines, making it surprisingly fast for its bulk.



As of Artemis 2.7.2, these are the stats for Torgoth and Skaraan drones.  They are editable in the Artemis.ini file, (damage and speed) or vesselData.xml, (damage, cycle time and range) so they may be changed for certain mods or sessions.

Drone Type Damage Cycle Time Range Speed
Torgoth (standard) 39 20 7000 2.7
Torgoth (Behemoth) 39 15 7000 2.7
Torgoth (Base) 39 9
7000 2.7
Skaraan 40 20 7000 2.7



See also: Beams  | Ship Statistics

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