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Torgoth Dreadnought

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Torgoth Behemoth


The Torgoth Behemoth is aptly named, as it is the biggest and most powerful capital ship in the Torgoth fleet. It is bristling with beams, ten to be exact, arranged in a 360 degree arc around the hull. There is no angle that is not covered by at least two beams. Most of the arcs to the right and left flanks of the Behemoth are covered by three beams. There is only a small sliver of an arc to the rear, and a few other "gaps" in the firing arcs that are only covered by two beams. The very front of the ship is covered by four beams, but it is easy enough to avoid that firing arc. As if that weren't enough, the Behemoth's beams fire every 4 seconds, not every 6.


The main advantage of the Behemoth, however, is its massively strong shields. It will take at least a couple of Nukes to soften it up before you can safely take it on with beams. Not even the Elite Skaraans have shields that powerful. As with all Torgoths, of course, the Behemoth carries a drone launcher, which can compensate for its fairly short beam range. The Behemoth will usually be found accompanied by a fleet of Kraliens, not that it really needs the protection.



Quick Stats
Forward Shields: 
Back Shields: 
Hull: 70
Beam damage:
1-15 depending on difficulty level
Beam DPS: 
0.25 - 3.75 depending on difficulty level
Max beam DPS:
15.0 at difficulty 11, in the quad-beam forward arc
Beam Range:
1000 (2000 at difficulty 11)
Top Speed:
0.3 - 1.02 depending on difficulty
0.002 - 0.007 depending on difficulty
Beam Arcs (compared to TSN Battleship)


(Prior to Artemis 2.3, Beam damage for the Torgoth Behemoth was 1-5, with damage capped at difficulty 5. Max DPS was therefore 5.0 at all difficulties from 5 to 11. The Behemoth was introduced in Artemis 1.65. The current level of damage is from Artemis 2.3)


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