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Asteroids appear on the LRS as orange dots and on the VIS screen as rocky-textured spheres. On TAC or Helm/Weapons they appear as irregular brown rings. They generally occur in staggered belts, one or two asteroids thick and several long. Crashing into asteroids damages the ship. (NOTE: Asteroids will not appear in the sector as long as the "Terrain" setting in the server setup screen is set to "None". Setting the setting to higher levels will result in more asteroids.)


They cannot be targeted via the Weapons station or destroyed by untargeted fire. They "block" weapon fire, but it's not known whether torps/nukes/mines explode on them or whether they block splash damage.


Asteroids on the LRS screen. The asteroids can be seen as brown dots in two belts running vertically down the sector.


Comments (2)

Artemis Editor said

at 8:11 pm on May 11, 2011

I believe that hitting an asteroid with a nuke will cause the nuke to detonate, making the asteroids a viable barrier to nukes. But I haven't confirmed that yet. - Vorus

Jabbernaut said

at 5:03 pm on Jun 29, 2013

It's been confirmed that colliding with an asteroid will cause the nuke to detonate. What hasn't been confirmed is whether or not the asteroid itself will block the nuke's splash damage from damaging enemies behind the asteroid.

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