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Skaraan Defiler

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Skaraan Defiler


The Skaraan Defiler is an elite class of enemy ship, with more power and abilities than a standard cruiser. Not only is it more powerful, but since it is an elite ship, it can also have random special abilities, such as limited Warp or Jump drives, the ability to be invisible to Long Range Sensors, or to execute a rapid turn, and so on. With such abilities, these elite ships are often more difficult to defeat, and are among the most dangerous opponents in the sector.


Skaraan ships do not form up in fleets with Kralien ships, as they are much faster, even those without Warp or Jump ability. Instead, they will strike out on their own, attacking the Artemis or TSN base stations. They are often the first enemies to pose a threat, and should be dealt with quickly.



Quick Stats
Forward Shields: 
Back Shields: 
Hull: 70
Beam damage:
1-15 depending on difficulty level
Beam DPS: 
0.16 - 2.5 depending on difficulty level
Max beam DPS:
5.0 in the dual-beam forward arc at difficulty 11
Beam Range:
1200 (2400 at difficulty 11) 
Top Speed:

0.8 - 2.72 depending on difficulty

(note a torpedo or drone has a speed of 3)

0.004 - 0.014 depending on difficulty
Beam Arcs (compared to TSN Battleship)


(Prior to Artemis 2.3, Beam damage for the Skaraan Defiler was 1-5, with damage capped at difficulty 5. Max DPS was therefore 1.66 at all difficulties from 5 to 11. The Skaraans were introduced in Artemis 1.4. The current level of damage is from Artemis 2.3)


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