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Stock Missions


The game comes with five missions, listed below. Note that the 1.65 release increased the power of many enemy ships, and as a result these missions may now be considerably harder than intended. Most of the missions should have been updated in the 2.4 release.


The End of Peace - Take supplies to DS38 and watch out for Kralien patrols.

The Waning Dark - Artemis must help the scientist Doctor Barnard to gather the readings he needs from an unknown sector.

Hamak Sector - This mission script lets an Artemis crew experience an adventure with a real story. A full crew of 6 experienced players is recommended. 

The Trials of Deneb I-II-III - The Trials of Deneb is a three-part series designed as a strenuous challenge for experienced crews. Each of the missions is a straight defend and destroy mission with no framing plot.

Module_3_bases - A mission for use with the Games Master console.


The following missions were added in the 2.4 release. They are not available in earlier releases.


The Battle of Elihu 12 - A "canonical battle" from Artemis Armada 2. The Torgoth are your allies against the Arvonians in the First Spiral Arm War. An experienced Comms officer is recommended.

The Sirius Feint - Another "canonical battle". Command a decommissioned Battleship in a diversionary tactic to tie up the enemy until the real attack force arrives. Your ship and crew are considered expendable. A full crew of 6 experienced players is recommended.

Attract Mode - This mission script is designed as a demo to run on an Observer display and attract players to the game. Set the ship in a circular holding pattern, and it will be constantly attacked by ships, while shrugging off the damage. Can also be used for training.



User-created missions

The Artemis mission scripting system allows anyone to create an XML file that defines the parameters of a scripted, playable scenario or "mission". For details, see the mission scripting page. Note that while most missions have been thoroughly tested by their authors, there may be errors in them, and missions written for earlier versions of Artemis do not always work in the latest version. If there is an issue with a mission, consult the author of that mission.


TSN Sandbox (2016 onwards): The TSN Sandbox was created to give players a pre-made universe to explore. With extensive GM Controls, the TSN Sandbox allows players to complete missions along the border of USFP space. There is also a "Patrol Mode", allowing players to play and explore without the need for a GM, encountering neutral ships, pirate and Hegemony forces. The TSN Sandbox works best with the TSN Expansion.


Mission Pack 2015.03: Contains over 75 missions in one 52 MB download, as of March 2015. 


User-Created Missions : March 2014. New list of user-created missions, including links to the forum postings where applicable.


Third Party Mission Websites





Missing briefing?

Mission briefings go via the comms officer, so ensure the comms officer clicks "ready" before starting the mission on the server, otherwise you'll miss the initial briefing.


Missions and Net Play:

To the extent that they use the main screen to convey information, many missions are not designed for net-based play. However, basic modifications to shunt mission-critical information from the main screen to the Comms station (who will then read out the information to the rest of the crew) can roughly retrofit many missions for net play. This is accomplished by manually editing the .xml mission file and inserting an appropriate incoming_comms_text command in place of the big_message command. While some of the polish may be lost, this approach will allow most missions to be playable. (Mission creators: Please consider releasing a net-play version of your mission alongside the traditional one.) Any missions that include audio elements are, unfortunately, just not really adaptable to net-based play, so look around for some local geeks and get yourself a live game already.


If players on net play enable main screen in addition to their regular console, they can still hear sounds played over the main screen (battle sounds as well as custom audio elements), even if they never switch to it.  This doesn't solve viewing the big_message command, so it is recommended that at least one player (such as Helm or the Captain) have visibility to the Main Screen at all times and they can relay any information there to the rest of the crew.


Another alternative when using TeamSpeak, is to use a program called 'Virtual Audio Cable' to make the Main screen audio to be input into Teamspeak. Information is provide in the following link.







This mission script lets an Artemis crew experience an adventure with a real story.
It has characters, a plot with plot twists, a mystery to solve, new tactics to learn,
and a desperate battle for survival.
Adam's Star Trek UI Mod

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