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Anomalies appear randomly in deep space at the start of a mission. They can be collected by colliding with them. They appear on the science map as small dots. They can also be seen on the Captain's Map and on Helm or Weapons if in range, but they cannot be seen on LRS. Prior to Artemis 2.2, anomalies were very hard to see, as they flickered in and out of view, taking a particularly long time to appear between "flickers" on the Science screen. As of Artemis 2.3, they can be selected and scanned on the Science screen. Like monsters, they can only be scanned once, (and are scanned automatically at close enough range) but unlike monsters, tagging them will show no further information.


Starting with Artemis 2.2, collecting an anomaly will reward the player with an "Upgrade", described on the Upgrades page. One of these Upgrades will provide the player with 500 energy. Earlier versions of Artemis rewarded only energy. Since Science can scan anomalies in Artemis 2.3, it is possible to determine which Upgrade the anomaly provides before picking it up. The Science officer will want to scan all anomalies, so the Captain can be told the location of the nearest HiDens Power Cell (the energy Upgrade) if he asks for one.


Anomalies will not appear as long as the "Anomalies" setting on the Server Select Screen is set to "None". The number of anomalies which will appear in a sector ranges from 2 for "Few" to 9 for "Many". Setting a large number of anomalies can greatly extend the range of the Artemis. PvP Mode also seems to add a number of anomalies. Since Artemis 2.2, certain monsters will drop anomalies when killed. This is independent of the "Anomalies" setting. (Although the "Monsters" setting must be used to make monsters appear)


From their appearance on the Mainscreen (shown above) anomalies appear to be debris from a destroyed Science ship, or possibly a jettisoned fuel pod. Bio Beacons and Space Junk have a different appearance from other anomalies, and can be told from standard Upgrades on the Mainscreen. They look the same on the Science map or Helm console. The Beacon page shows an image of a dropped Bio Beacon, while the Space Junk is an "Easter Egg" and thus you should check it out if you happen to spot it. (although if you want to spoiler it, look here


An anomaly on the Science Screen. It is below the middle of the minefield, to the right of the cursor.

This image is out of date, and the anomaly may be more obvious on a current screen, even when not selected.

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