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Black Holes

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As of 1.5, Artemis includes black holes. Black holes appear on the LRS as blue star shaped objects and on the Mainscreen as massive multicolored swirling clouds. (NOTE: Black holes will not appear in the sector as long as the "Lethal Terrain" setting in the server setup screen is set to "None". Higher levels of this setting will result in more black holes)


A gravity well extends from the black hole and any ship or other object traveling near a black hole will affect the course (e.g., "sliding" slightly sideways toward a black hole when traveling tangent to it.) At very close range to a black hole, warp 1 away from the center of the black hole will result in a player ship standing still at warp. Higher warp can still break free. Getting too close to the center of the black hole (about 500m) will begin damaging the ship until it is destroyed.


Nearby enemy ships, allies, mines, and space monsters will all be pulled into a black hole if they are too close. 


A Black Hole on the LRS screen. It can be seen near D5, as a blue circle inside a circle, with star-like "arms" around both circles.



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