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Main screen

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The server will automatically display the main screen view for the first player ship (usually called Artemis) once the game starts. However, if you want additional clients showing the main screen view, then select this option.


Additional main screens are useful if flying additional player ships, but are not compulsory.


The main screen can be set to a number of modes by the Helm and Weapons stations, and can display external views in various directions. In addition, the main screen can be set to display the Tactical view, Long Range Sensors or the Status (INFO) Display. (Follow the links to view these displays) The center (CAM) button on the main screen control on Helm and Weapons will turn off the "chase" camera, displaying a first person point of view that removes the player's ship from the display.


In addition to the main screen, all consoles have a tab (VIS) that will bring up a forward view identical to the main screen. This tab can be turned off in the artemis.ini file, for tablets and other PC based systems that may not be able to handle the graphics requirements of the main screen. (At this time, this feature is not accessible on iOS and Android tablets)


To the bottom left of the visual display modes is an onscreen tactical display, or "radar". (Seen to the right) It represents objects around the ship as colored dots, with red dots for enemy ships. Other objects like asteroids and mines are displayed as well. The outer ring of this circle marks a range of 3500 units, which is considerably less than the ship's torpedo range. The inner ring marks 1000 units, which is beam range. An animated inner ring appears from the inner ring and grows outward to the outer ring. This moving ring has no real in game effect, but is probably intended to represent a "sensor pulse". A cross mark over the inner ring represents the direction of the ship's travel, with the top being forward, no matter which direction the main screen view is currently facing.


The ship silhouette to the upper right will display shield indicators and internal damage to the ship, much like the similar display on the Helm and Weapons consoles. Note that as shown in the images below, on extremely high resolutions, it can be hard to see the radar and silhouette display from a distance. You can switch to a lower resolution, or just make use of the TAC and INFO displays, which have the same function.


Forward View 


Right View 


Left View 


Aft View 



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Serisno said

at 7:25 pm on Feb 4, 2013

On the 'window views' (Front,Left,Right,Rear) of the Main screen there is a radar in the bottom left corner. Can someone add an entry about this radar. Give information about how to read it. The distance between your ship and the first ring, and the distance between your ship and the second ring. Also tell why it sometimes is disabled and not visible on screen.

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