EMP Torpedoes


The EMP (ECM in earlier versions) torpedo fires and explodes like a nuke. But instead of physical damage, a ship hit by an EMP blast will lose half of its maximum shield strength, AND its shield frequencies will be severely damaged, making beams much more effective against them.


As with all torpedoes, the speed, turn rate, build time and initial supply at a base can all be set in the artemis.ini file. EMPs will always do zero damage, no matter what the EMP damage is set to in artemis.ini.


Additional Note

An EMP fired at a ship that already has its shields equal to or below half strength will have no effect. Should either shield arc be over 50% strength; that arc will be reduced to 50%, however the other shield arc will remain the same.


Firing two EMP's at an enemy vessel does not reduce the shield strength to 0, neither will it reduce the shield strength to 25%. Only the first EMP will have any effect, reducing enemy shield strength to 50%. The second EMP will have no effect on shield strength.




Quick Stats

0 (maximum shield strength cut by 1/2)
Fire Arc:
360 degrees
Max Range:

5,400 units

Blast Radius:

Approx. 1,000 units

Base Stores: 0-20 (at start of game)
Build Time: 5 minutes (divided by build factor)