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Space Whales

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Space Whales


Common Name: Whale


Scientific Name: Dilector Canopus


Description on Science Screen: "Harmless and gentle creatures traveling in pods. Arvonians adore whales and will go to great links to protect them. Torgoths hunt whales for fun. Clever TSN officers may use these attitudes to tactical advantage."


Harmless and beautiful, space whales are fragile and easily killed. A single shot will destroy one, although it will typically "turn away" and fade from sight when shot. (Yes, I shot one to see what happens. It was in the name of science...)


Their translucent appearance could indicate they are made of a gelatinous substance like a jellyfish, or they could be some form of energy. Despite their superficial resemblance to Earth whales, they are obviously not fish, and have no discernible internal organs. Younger, smaller individuals are usually a more aqua color, while older whales are larger, and deep blue. As of Artemis 2.7, the age of a whale will show up on Science, as "Young", "Mature" or "Ancient".


The Torgoth love to hunt whales, and will often turn away from an attack just to gain a "Trophy". Arvonians have the opposite reaction; they care deeply for other life forms, and will react with anger and disgust if anyone attacks them. They cannot be goaded into attacking the offending ship, but it will effect their morale, making them more or less willing to fight. To be precise, if their Torgoth allies attack a whale, all Arvonians will surrender and withdraw from battle, but they will ignore surrender requests if the players shoot and kill a whale.


Space Whales have been in Artemis since 1.65. As of Artemis 2.2, there is a new predator on the hunt for space whales, the aptly named Space Shark. (It is not known if Torgoth hunt other space monsters. Presumably, since Arvonians love all life forms, they would not be offended if a Shark attacked a Whale)


Quick Stats

1 (any hit will cause the whale to "fade away")
approx. 1.0 (Light Cruiser at 160% Impulse)


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