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Mission Editor

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Artemis Mission Editor is a program developed by players (not affiliated with Artemis author Thom Robertson).

It is designed to be a complete mission editing environment for Artemis: Space Bridge Simulator, providing graphical space map interface, interactive command and condition editing with input suggestion and context help, while presenting commands and conditions in plain English text.


This program will allow you to:

  • Create and edit missions in a Windows Forms interface
  • Edit your commands and conditions in a graphical user interface with drop down input suggestion, context help and lots of keyboard hotkeys for fast operation
  • See and operate mission conditions and statements as plain English text, meaning you don't have to study the help files to know what commands or conditions are available to you or what the exact command or condition you encountered in mission file will actually do in game, you just choose commands or conditions from the list, and see everything in plain English, like "Create enemy at point (x, y, z) bearing 35 degrees with name..."
  • Structure your mission's events into folders, making it MUCH easier to navigate bigger missions
  • Convert deprecated statements (like "direct") into their new versions (direct => add_ai point_throttle/target_throttle)
  • Edit "create object" statements in events and start blocks using a graphical space map, which tremendously helps positioning objects around
  • Edit coordinates / spheres / rectangles on space map too (used in statements like direct, add_ai, if_inside/outside_sphere/box, destroy_near,...)
  • See the logic flow and event dependency (which event triggers which event or requires which event to be triggered, etc.)
  • Quickly find errors in your mission, like missing attributes that will crash the game, etc.
  • Use all the quality-of-life features you expect to have:
    • Copy/paste (you can even copy/paste to/from a text editor)
    • Undo/redo
    • Autosave into a separate file so you don't lose unsaved work in the case of unexpected shutdown
    • Find/replace (smart, meaning you can look or replace inside specific attributes etc.)
  • Tweak it to your liking by modifying an extensive settings list.



Download and Install


For Artemis Version Artemis Mission Editor Release Date Artemis Mission Editor Version Sources Available At
2.8.0 03/12/2022 Latest version 2.8.2 available here Sources available on GitHub.
2.7.5 09/20/2020 Latest version 2.7.23 available here Sources available on GitHub.
2.7.4 01/04/2020 Latest version 2.7.15 available hereIf prompted to install updates, don't accept them or you will get the latest version for Artemis 2.7.5 instead. Sources available on GitHub.
2.7.1 01/05/2019 Latest version 2.7.11 available hereIf prompted to install updates, don't accept them or you will get the latest version for Artemis 2.7.5 instead. Sources available on GitHub.
2.6 02/06/2018 Latest version 2.6.2 available here.  If prompted to install updates, don't accept them or you will get the latest version for Artemis 2.7.5 instead of 2.6. Sources available on GitHub.
2.4.0 07/23/2016 Latest BETA version 020400.0 available here. Sources available here.
2.1.1 08/09/2014

Latest STABLE version available here.

Sources for all versions since 2.0 available on GitHub.
2.0 08/20/2013 Latest STABLE version available here. Sources for version available here.
1.7  06/05/2013 Latest BETA version B1.7.3.2 available here. Sources for version B1.7.3.2 available here.























You can also view the changelog/version history here.


This program is made for Microsoft Windows operation system and requires .Net Framework 4.0.

  • By default, the program expects to be located inside a subfolder of the Artemis folder, like Artemis\Editor
    • However, you can manually specify a path to the vesselData.xml, and keep the program where you want.
    • Command line syntax is: ArtemisMissionEditor.exe [ missionfilename ] [ -v vesseldatafilename ]
  •    The program will store its settings file and autosave files in your %appdata%\ArtemisMissionEditor folder, and store registry information in current user's Software\ArtemisMissionEditor registry key.

If you are a developer, you can request access to edit the source from GitHub from the project leader, Russ Judge


Tutorial Videos


There are videos available at YouTube, describing the functionality of the editor and showing how to use it:



Interface Overview and Hotkeys


You can read basic information about the Artemis Mission Editor's interface and hotkeys on a stand-alone page here.




Questions? Feedback?


Your user feedback is much appreciated! You can contact the author at:


Please note, if you need to ask a question, complain, make a suggestion or just receive a quick help on the editor, use the forum topic dedicated to the editor, or write a direct email. Otherwise, it may take a while before I notice your separate topic, YouTube or wiki comment and answer it.

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