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Engineering Preset Manager

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Artemis Engineering Preset Manager is a program developed by players (not affiliated with Artemis author Thom Robertson).

It is a tool for editing engineering presets outside of Artemis, storing multiple presets, quickly applying presets.


This program will allow you to:


  • Store multiple engineering presets
  • Edit presets with some advanced features, such as:
    • Input energy and coolant values with mouse or keyboard
    • Hints about how many coolant is required for a system
    • Automatic coolant distribution
  • Quickly apply selected preset and (optionally) run Artemis


This program will help you in the following scenarios: 


  • You want to quickly make a template without fighting the sliders for that exact percentage you want, etc
    • You can input percentage from keyboard, so its much easier to do if you're having problems setting the slider in-game to the exact percentage you want 
  • You want to store more than one preset, for example, different presets for Warp and Jump drive modes, etc
    • You can have infinite number of stored presets, and switching between them is very easy.
  • You have multiple people playing on the same computer as engineer
    • Each of you can have a different preset stored, named after him, and each player can quickly apply his preferred preset before playing
  • You are playing on a new computer as an engineer
    • You can have the program installed on a plug-and-play device, plug it in, quickly store the current setting as backup (if needed), apply your setting, and play, and it will take literally seconds to do it
  • You have received a coolant upgrade in an Invasion mode
    • You can quickly close Artemis, launch Preset Manager, select desired preset with higher coolant usage, then apply it and run Artemis with a single click. It will take you much less time than reconfiguring your engineering setup (and then changing it back after game is finished)



Download and Install


Lastest version is available for download here.


  • This program is made for Microsoft Windows operation system and requires .Net Framework 4.0.
  • No installation is nessecary, just copy the executable whereever you wish, run the executable and enjoy.
  • The program needs to locate Artemis in order to function correctly. It will look in the following places for Artemis installation:
    • Folder with the program
    • Folder containing the folder with the program
    • Artemis folder in the folder with the program
    • Artemis folder in the folder containing the folder with the program
    • On each ready drive:
      • Program Files\Artemis\
      • Program Files (x86)\Artemis\
      • Games\Artemis\ 
  • In simple words, if you place this program into Artemis folder, into a folder inside Artemis folder, or into a folder containing Artemis folder, you'll be fine, otherwise, Artemis should be installed in one of the listed locations in order to be detected.
  • If Artemis is located in one of those places, but is not detected, try running the program As Administrator.
  • If your Artemis installation is located elsewhere, or you want to specify some location as a first priority, you can create a file named ArtemisPath.cfg in the program folder, and you can add paths to this file, one path per line.
    • You can have both absolute ("C:\Artemis\") or relative ("Artemis\") paths
    • You can use .. to indicate going up one folder (like "..\")
    • Folder name must end with a "\" (for example, "C:\Artemis\", not "C:\Artemis")
  • The program will create a folder called "Presets" in the folder it is placed in, and store all the presets there



Interface Overview


The program interface consists of a single form.


Main Form

Main form has a list of available presets on the left and current preset on the right.


Preset list description:

  • The preset currently in use by Artemis will be marked by angle brackets (< Artemis Setting >)
  • Each preset will have a number in parenthesis on its left, indicating the largest amount of coolant used in the preset
  • Each preset will have a <*> sign on its right if it has unsaved changes pending


Selecting and managing presets:

  • You can select a preset by clicking it in the list or using arrow keys to navigate the list.
    • Controls on the right always display the currently selected preset
  • You can store current preset by selecting "Store As" in the main menu, or pressing Ctrl+At+S.
    • This will create a file with the chosen name and .dat extension in Presets folder, or overwrite if that file already exists.
  • You can apply current preset by selecting "Apply" (or *Apply selected preset") or pressing Shift+Enter.
    • This will write the preset to engineeringSettings.dat file in Artemis folder.
  • You can apply current preset, close this program and run Artemis at once by selecting "Apply & Go!" or pressing Ctrl+Shift+Enter
  • You can use "Save" (Ctrl+S) to save the changes of the selected preset at any time
  • You can reload the list of stored presets by clicking the corresponding menu button, this will discard all changes that were not saved.


Preset display description:

  • Engineering preset is displayed in the manner close to how Artemis displays it on the Engineering console.
  • Each line with a number on the left represents a single keybind (1 to 0)
  • Inside a line, ship systems and their energy/coolant distributions are displayed in the same order as in Artemis
  • Text box on top shows the energy setting, and text box on the bottom shows the coolant setting.
  • Coolant is displayed by boxes with four possible colors:
    • White in case coolant is distributed
    • Pink in case coolant is not distributed, but whole coolant unit required by the system
      • For example, if you have 250% energy on a system with 7 coolant, seven coolant boxes will display as white, and one more box will display as pink.
    • Grey pink in case coolant is required, but not as whole
      • For example, if you have 151% energy on a system with 0 coolant, two coolant boxes will display as pink, and one more box will display as grey pink.
    • Greyed out blank box is the default background


Preset editing:

  • You can click the text box and input a number directly.
    • You can input numbers as plain text
    • You can use + - keys (on regular keyboard or on num keyboard) to change number by a value
      • Use [+] / [-] to change by 1
      • Use [+] / [-] and [Shift] to change by 10
      • Use [+] / [-] and [Ctrl] to change by 100
    • When you leave the box, changes will be applied immediately.
    • You can press Enter to apply changes.
    • You can press Escape to discard changes.
  • You can click or hold and drag the sliders (energy or coolant) to change the number as well.
    • Doing so will put focus into the corresponding text box
  • While focus is inside any of the boxes belonging to one keybind, its label will be shown in red to indicated it is selected
  • You can use Space, Shift+Space and Ctrl+Space hotkeys to reset energy/coolant/both to their default values for the selected keybind
    • This is ssimilar how Space works in game, but now you can also reset coolant or both at once
  • You can drag one keybind number label over another label to copy the settings from one keybind to the other
    • For example, dragging label 0 over 9 would be the same as doing 0, Shift 9 in the game.
  • Right clicking the label will display a context menu with some advanced features
    • Automated coolant distribution will distribute coolant in the most efficient way
    • You can automatically removing excessive assigned coolant
    • You can also set energy to 0 for all systems of the current keybind
    • You can also access all the options you could with the hotkeys and dragging





Your user feedback is much appreciated! You can contact the author at:

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Adam said

at 9:23 pm on Nov 4, 2012

Thank you for making my life a lot easier. I will employ this next time my crew meets.

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