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Tractor Beam

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by Vorus


This is a code snippet that must be added to a mission script.


"Here's a piece of code that will allow you to "tractor" another object around. This was first used by Mike, as far as I know, so I didn't invent the idea. Anyway, you'd need something to trigger the "tractorRdy" variable, and a trigger to turn it off, like when you get to a destination, but this will do the basic job."



<if_variable name="tractorRdy" comparator="=" value="1"/> 

<if_variable name="tractoring" comparator="!=" value="1"/> 

<if_distance name1="OBJECT" name2="player" comparator="<=" value="220"/> 

<warning_popup_message message="Tractor beam locked on" consoles="W"/> 

<set_variable name="tractoring" value="1"/> 




<if_variable name="tractoring" comparator="=" value="1"/> 

<!-- This makes it so that the tractor only turns on when you are facing away from your target --> 

<if_distance name1="OBJECT" name2="player" comparator=">" value="220"/> 

<set_relative_position name1="player" name2="OBJECT" angle="180" distance="220"/> 





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