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Artemis Mod Loader Overview

Page history last edited by Russ 7 years, 10 months ago



Upon starting Artemis Mod Loader, the action window is displayed:



From this action window, 



The design of Artemis Mod Loader is such that it can continue to be used despite enhancements to Artemis.

In general, when used to edit and create Mods it will not corrupt the artemis.ini and vesselData.xml files. 


However, certain changes to the vesselData.xml file could conflict with the vessel editor in Artemis Mod Loader, and thus prevent using the vessel editor. Namely, if a change to the vesselData.xml file allows for multiple entries of an Xml node, where before only one entry was valid, this would be a breaking change for the vessel editor in Artemis Mod Loader.  The vessel editor can handle multiple entries for elements (such as beam ports), but only if it was designed for the multiple entries.


The vessel editor and artemis.ini file will have no conflict with new elements and attributes added to the files--it simply won't present those new entries to the user, but they will be retained with the file.

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