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Captain Xavier Wise

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Captain Xavier Wise

TSN Falcon (BS-042)


Born: 24/08/2202

Home world

Enrolled: 31/09/2220


A Brief History


15/07/2222     Joined TSN Vengeance as an Ensign


Took part in TSN supporting actions during the Ximni Civil war

18/02/2223     Promoted to Lieutenant-Junior

16/05/2224     Survived destruction of TSN Vengeance (CL-152)


20/06/2224    Assigned to TSN Fury (BS-201)

16/09/2224     Advanced to Lieutenant

16/02/2226     Promoted to Lieutenant-Commander


12/12/2229      Promoted to Commander

      • Assigned command of TSN Fearless (SS-125)


Participated in the 2nd Spiral Arm War in 2231  

16/02/2231     Promoted to Captain

      • Assigned command of TSN Falcon (CL-264
      • 2233 TSN Falcon upgraded to Battleship  (BS-042)

15/01/2235     Promoted to Division Commander

      • Given command of 4th Light Division 

22/03/2236     Assigned to Promethean System




After training for two years at the TSN Academy, Xavier was assigned to the TSN Vengeance and remained an officer aboard until its destruction on 16/05/2224. Ensign Xavier served as a Helms officer and was soon promoted to the rank of Lieutenant-Junior. He established himself as a very capable pilot, and earned citations for his piloting of the Vengeance during a number of engagements with rebel Ximni forces.


Lt. J. Xavier was aboard the Vengeance when it was destroyed during an ambush. The Vengeance had been part of a task force of five TSN combat vessels sent to protect a supply convoy. Rebel Ximni forces, supported by a number of Skaraan vessels attacked the supply convoy.  Multiple Skaraan vessels attack the Vengence, destroying the ship and killing many of the crew. Lt. J. Xavier was lucky enough to escape the wreckage and was picked up shortly after by the TSN Glorious. Out of the five TSN vessels in the task force, two were destroyed and a third seriously crippled (and was later scuttled). 


After the destruction of the TSN Vengeance, Lt. J. Xavier was assigned to the TSN Fury. He was advanced to full Lieutenant shortly after being assigned and began branching out in to other areas of expertise.   As Xavier's experience grew, he took an interest in advanced tactical and strategic warfare, and began studying and developing advanced combat manoeuvring and ship tactics.


Xavier was promoted to Lieutenant-Commander in 2226, and two years later appointed first officer aboard the TSN Fury.


In 2229, Xavier was promoted to Commander and assigned his first official command, the scout ship TSN Fearless. He took part in the recon and scouting missions that would precede the 2nd Spiral Arm war. During this time, he proved himself as an able captain and carried out several successful intelligence gathering missions deep in to enemy territory.


Due to losses at the dawn of the 2nd Spiral Arm War, Xavier was rapidly promoted to Captain and given command of the light cruiser TSN Falcon. He served with distinction as part of the TSN's 2nd Fleet, and participated in a number of decisive engagements during the war. 


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