Fuel Collection System

Fuel Collection System


TSN vessels equipped with a Fuel Collection System (FCS) are able to replenish their energy supply mid flight. Developed by Engineers at the TSN Research and Development laboratories, the FCS allows TSN vessels to conduct long range operations away from main sectors and starbases. When operating, the FCS will recharge the ship's energy levels by 20 units every three seconds to a maximum capacity of 1000 units.



For the FCS to operate correctly the vessel must be moving above 10% and below 50% impulse speed, with shields inactive.


To activate the FCS, the Engineer must press the G key on their console. A message will indicated that the FCS is active. 


To deactivate the FCS, the Engineer must press the H key on their console. A message will indicate that the FCS has been deactivated.


WARNING: Increasing speed above recommended guidelines whilst the system is active will result in serious damage to propulsion systems.


Technical Data



Additional Information

The Fuel Collection System was developed by the TSN Research and Development departments during hte early years of long range space exploration. Over the years, they have been refined and developed, becoming more and more efficient. Their purpose is to provide an increase in a ships recharge cycle, so that TSN vessels can operate more effectively away from main starbases for extended periods.


The system works by exposing reactive plates, made up of a composite material, to the background radiation in space. When exposed, the plates generate a charge. This charge is directed in to the ships power core and provides a boost to the ships own recharge cycle. As the technology has advanced, the surface area of the reactive plates has been increased. The process of manufacture and the materials that make up the plates has also been refined, with less imperfections in the structure of the plates themselves. Both these advances have increased the effectiveness of the Fuel Collection System.


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