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Campaign-Style Missions

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This page is reserved for documentation and notes pertaining to Campaign-Style Missions for Artemis.





Mission State - Campaign-style missions record certain objectives, and the status of whether specific ships/objects survive a mission, and output that state via a code at the end of the mission.  This code will be sent to the main screen and comms.   The code or codes outputed by a mission will be entered into future missions as requested.



Mission Scoring

Primary Objective - Ship makes it alive to the end of the mission - 100 pts.

Secondary Objectives (Maximum 5) - 20 pts. each.

Tertiary Objectives (Maximum 10) - 10 pts each.


Secondary goals may not be separate goals.  An example would be a secondary goal of protecting all TSN assets.  On the map are five TSN ships.  Each ship that survives until the end of the mission offers 20 points.


Tertiary goals work in the same way as Secondary goals.  They are just a lower priority, so are worth fewer points.



List of Sample Seondary and Tertiary Objectives


Speed - The quicker the mission is completed, the more points are accrued.  Speed may be one of multiple objectives, or it may be a single objective of type (Secondary or Tertiary), worth the entire value if the mission is completed before a time threshold. Once the time threshold has been passed, as the timer counts, points are subtracted from the Speed Objective's score.


Collecting - A possible mission objective might be to have your ship pick things up. This might be survivors of an attack, anomolies, etc.  Each item, or grouped item collected would be equal to the value of a single objective at that tier.


Protect Assets - Each ship or station that survives the mission earns the crew a set number of points.


Energy Efficiency - Each point of above a minimum required threshold adds points to the objective tier.


Tactical Conservationist - Each missile still in storage on the player ship at the end of the mission gives points.


Difficulty level - Provides a scoring multiplier. Higher difficulty results in a higher score multiplier.


Ship Type - Using different ships provides a different multiplier to scoring.


Intimidator - Enemy ships that surrender can offer points. 




Notes on Challenging Missions

A properly challenging missions should bring together a diversity of challenges.  Some of these should be occuring simultaneously, forcing a crew to make decisions on what takes priority, and making tough choices.  Think of it like the classic superhero story where the hero must choose to save the loved one, or the hundred strangers in the jet that is out of control and is going to crash into a bustling city street.


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