DMX Links

Here are a bunch of useful links to Forum Posts about using DMX and Artemis.


Artemis LBE & Hardware - Official forum for Location Based Entertainment and Hardware.  Most DMX threads are here.


New to DMX Thread - Thread on old forum wandering from introduction and soldering connectors to programming and troubleshooting.


Cheap DIY Lighting intro - How to make a DMX floodlight for not a lot!  Old Forum link.


DMX Node - As opposed to the floodlight kits, this is about making small nodes of light with some of the HolidayCoro lights.


Light-o-rama connection - How to connect it into a Light-o-rama setup.


DMX and Arduino - Interfacing the Artemis DMX output and a microcontroller.  The possibilities just exploded!


Tools for editing the DMXcommands.xml file: