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TSN Ranks (redirected from TSN Ranks and Training)

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TSN Rank Structure


Officer Cadet

Officer Cadet is a training rank given to individuals enrolled at the TSN academy. After initial training at the academy, Officer Cadets are assigned to a Division in order to gain experience working in an active unit and complete their training. Upon completion of their training, and successfully passing a basic training examination, the Officer Cadet will officially graduate from the academy and be promoted to the rank of Ensign.


Junior Officers


The rank of Ensign is the first full officer rank that can be gained after graduation from the TSN academy. An Ensign is expected to be able to operate any console at a basic level and have a good knowledge of the standard orders used aboard a TSN vessel, such as the Combat Orders. At the rank of Ensign, an officer can begin to specialise in a particular role aboard a TSN vessel.


Lieutenant-Junior & Lieutenant

Lieutenant-Junior and Lieutenants are expected to continue building their skills and expertise in a particular role aboard TSN vessels. As  Lieutenant-Junior, the officer should begin to look at gaining additional training in other roles to become proficient in a secondary area of expertise. At the rank of Lieutenant, the officer is expected to have a high expertise in two roles and a high proficiency at all the other roles aboard a TSN vessel.


Senior Officers


The first of the senior officer ranks, Lieutenant-Commanders are expected to be highly experienced and professional officers. At this rank, the officer will begin taking on more lead responsibilities such as assisting with training, beginning to move to command roles or supporting ship captains as first officers. They can be assigned temporary command of a TSN vessel and are expected to know the advanced tactics used by the TSN.



When an officer reaches the rank of Commander, they have the opportunity to take on permanent command of their own if they so wish. As long as a vessel and sufficient crew are available, they will be offered a command position. A Commander may choose to take on the position of a first officer aboard a ship if they so wish and may be assigned temporary command positions on occasion. Commanders are expected to take a more active role in their Division, and are also required to know how to coordinate with other vessels when operating as part of a TSN fleet.



Captains are highly experienced and professional officers of the TSN. They are expected to have a thorough knowledge of fleet combat orders and tactics, and will have significant command experience. Captains are expected to be able to command formations of TSN vessels, using fleet tactics to coordinate the actions of those vessels.


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