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Period  Event  Description
c. 2136

The Aries War  

In 2246, explosions were detected by sensor arrays in USFP space. Scientists deduced that they were explosion from a conflict between two unknown alien races and were able to approximate the year in which the conflict occured. 

2169 -2171 

First Ximni Arvonian War  



USFP-Kralien Border Dispute  

On first contact with the Kralien race, demands were made for tithes to be paid to the Kralien Order, claiming that the galaxy was theirs. The USFP refused, so soon after the Kraliens attacked the border regions of USFP space. The conflict ended when the Kraliens withdrew, however they never relinquished their claims.

2188 – 2191 

First Torgoth Incursion

An allied force of Kralien, Torgoth and Arvonian vessel attacked USFP controlled systems, sparking a war that lasted three full years. Several systems along the border regions were taken during the war, the human populations evacuated or wiped out in brutal assaults.
2192 – 2195 Second Ximni - Arvonian War    
2199 - 2201

Second Torgoth Incursion  

2212 – 2213 The Unakalhai Uprising  

2215 - 2219

The First Spiral Arm War

2220 - 2225 The Ximni Civil War  


The Second Spiral Arm War



Present Day

Tension is building between the different alien races. 


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