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Star Systems and Sectors

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Star Systems and Sectors


Systems located in the lower arc of the Orion Spur:


Promethean System  Cronus System 
Phoenix System  Atlantis System 
The Poseidon Rift  Osiris System 
Titan System Al'Mare System
Guardian System Krisenda System
Volantis System Sierra System
Rhea System Tiridian System


Promethean System


A border system. Currently the 4th Light Division is deployed in this system.

Cronus System


This is a contested system and is not under secure control of any alien race.

Phoenix System


A border system acting as a trading post with neighbouring alien races. 

Atlantis System


Atlantis is a large and rich system. It acts as a central hub of trade and commerce for the local region of space as well as the main military base of the TSN 2nd Fleet. 

The Poseidon Rift


Since its discovery, the Poseidon Rift has been an area of interest for both scientists and adventurers alike. The exact nature of the Poseidon Rift and how the instabilities formed are still unknown. Scientists believe that it is the result of a cataclysmic event that occured, causing the gravitational disruptions seen today. Exactly what that event was, and when it occured, is still a subject of debate. The two most popular theories are; that it was caused by some kind of alien war; or that it was caused by natural phenomena such as the death of a star. There are hundreds of other theories too, from those that believe it is some kind of fallout from the formation of the Universe, to the belief that it was created by a supreme being and is a passage to another realm. Officially though, there is no explanation as to how the Rift formed or what is causing the massive gravitational distortions in the region.


Transit of the Poseidon Rift is extremely dangerous, and numerous adventurous explorers and scientists have been lost trying to find a way through. Most missions in to the Poseidon Rift today are limited to automated probes, but in the past, manned missions have been launched to explore the system, few of which returned. Despite the dangers, there are still those who come to see the Rift, and some who even try to cross it. 

Osiris System


A relatively small system, but due to its proximity to the Poseidon Rift, it is home to a large research facility and is a popular tourist destination.


The Osiris system acts as a science base from which missions in to the Poseidon Rift are launched. Probes can be seen being launched on a regular basis toward the jump point to gather research data. Equipped with advanced sensors and shielding, the probes are able to travel deep in to the Rift and send back detailed information. None return, and due to the advancned technology on board, they are set to self destruct when contact with the research base is lost.


The Osiris System is also a popular destination for tourists, and luxuary liners carrying some of the more daring tourist can be seen entering the jump gate to give a glimpse of the Rift. There have been only a few incidents involving the liners, usually they stay by the jump point and return within a few hours. On a rare occasion however, some liners venture further in to the Rift and become caught in the gravitational distortions. Luckily, no lives have been lost; a voluntary rescue team is always on standby at the science base, ready to rescue the crews and passengers. The liner itself, once evacuated, is left. Recovery is virtually impossible. Instead, the liner falls into a gravitational distortion and is destroyed in a blaze, usually to the delight of the rescued passengers, or the next set of tourists!


Adventurous individuals often visit the system too, trying to be the first to cross the Rift. Some have returned, their attempt failed; many of them having had to be rescued. Others have entered the system, never to be seen again. Few have been reported to make it even half way across the Rift. Those who are confirmed to have reached that far have often been lost soon after.  

Titan System  

Al'Mare System  

Guardian System  

Krisenda System 

Volantis System

Sierra System

A known Kralien controlled system.

Rhea System

Tiridian System


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