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USFP Escort

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USFP Escort


The Escort is a lightly-armed vessel that roams the sector. It is the weaker, lighter little brother to the Destroyer. It can be ordered to turn to various headings, as well as a few other actions by the communications officer. It is not as resilient or powerful as an Artemis class starship, doing about the beam damage (on average) of a TSN Scout, and lacking the ability to fire Torpedoes. It can nonetheless be useful in combat, especially in groups with Destroyers. As expected of an escort ship, it is extremely fast, although it lacks Warp drive.


(The Escort is no longer associated with the USFP in the game, being referred to as "Terran", the same as other civilian craft. It is possible that the Escort is a military design built by the TSN and made available to civilian forces all over USFP controlled space, much the same as today's Coast Guard. This means they would not belong to any one fleet, or appear with any single paint job or markings)



Quick Stats
Forward Shields: 
Back Shields: 
Hull: 70
Beam damage:
3-45 depending on difficulty level
Beam DPS: 
0.5-7.5, depending on difficulty level
Max beam DPS:
15.0 in the dual-beam forward arc
Beam Range:
1000 (2000 at difficulty 15) 
Top Speed:

0.9 - 3.06 depending on difficulty level

(Note a drone or torpedo has a speed of 3) 

0.004 - 0.014 depending on difficulty level
Beam Arcs (compared to TSN Light Cruiser)


(Between version 2.0 and 2.2 of Artemis, Beam damage for the Escort was 7-35, with damage capped at difficulty 5. The Escort was introduced in Artemis 2.0. The current level of damage is from Artemis 2.3)

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