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BioMech Stage 2

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BioMech Stage 2


The Stage 2 BioMech is a monster, but has stats like an enemy ship. It will not appear if your setting for "Monsters" is "None", or in the "Infestation" scenario.


Once a Stage 1 BioMech consumes enough asteroids, it evolves into Stage 2. This configuration is much stronger than Stage 1, and more clearly looks like a cross between an organism and a spaceship. The three big "eyes" on the front of the BioMech are beam emitters, greatly increasing its firepower. Since they are separated vertically, not horizontally, all three have the same firing arc.


The Stage 2 Biomech also has a much stronger front shield, although its rear shield remains the same as Stage 1. It still has all the speed and agility of all BioMechs, but will ignore other ships unless attacked. It will still roam the sector in search of asteroids to consume, in order to continue its evolution to Stage 3.


If a captain wanted to eliminate BioMechs while they are still weak enough to deal with, this would be the time to do it. However, TSN policy would probably prohibit attacking BioMechs except in self defense or in case of an Infestation.



Quick Stats
Forward Shields: 
Back Shields: 
Hull: 70
Beam damage:
0.5 - 7.5 depending on difficulty level 
Beam DPS: 
0.083 - 1.875 depending on difficulty level
Max beam DPS:
5.625 at difficulty 11
Beam Range:
700 (1400 at difficulty 11)
Top Speed:
1.8 - Warp 1 depending on difficulty level
0.008 - 0.027 depending on difficulty level
Beam Arc (Compared to TSN Battleship)


(Prior to Artemis 2.3, Beam damage for the Stage 2 Biomech was 0.5-2.5, with damage capped at difficulty 5. Max DPS was therefore 1.875 at all difficulties from 5 to 11. Biomechs were introduced in Artemis 2.0. The current level of damage is from Artemis 2.3)



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