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Arvonian Station

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Arvonian Base Station


The Arvonian Base is as much a huge, stationary carrier as it is a base station. The hangars in its "wings" hold a complement of ten fighters, which can be launched to defend the base. It is also armed with a standard base beam, and shields that are slightly more powerful than a Kralien or TSN Deep Space Base.


Much like the TSN Command Base, the Arvonian Base is also equipped with advanced long range sensors that are able to monitor activity several sectors away from the base station itself. The Arvonian Base is also equipped with a direct ultrawave connection to the Arvonian's command computer, the Supreme Understander.



Quick Stats

Shields: (Front and Back)
Fighter Complement:
Beam Damage: 7-35 depending on difficulty level
Beam DPS: 1.16 - 5.83 depending on difficulty level
Max Beam DPS: 5.83
Beam Range: 1000


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