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TSN Battleship

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TSN Battleship


The TSN Battleship is the most powerful and dangerous non-carrier warship in the TSN fleet. It is built for head to head combat, with a bank of 4 forward firing beams, 2 torpedo tubes, and massive shields that are strongest in the front. It is easily capable of taking on huge invasion fleets single-handedly, and is assigned to take on the most challenging missions. Its three powerful engines are capable of propelling it at sublight or warp speeds as fast as any Cruiser, and it is remarkably agile as well.


Of course, all this power comes at a price. The Battleship is not as efficient as the longer ranged Cruiser and Scout, and burns energy at a greater rate, especially in combat. The Battleship's standard stock of torpedos can also run out quickly in a large battle. As with all TSN ships, it can dock with a friendly starbase to replenish its energy stores, as well as restock its torpedoes.


The Battleship carries the usual TSN systems for power allocation, science equipment, and communications. The chief engineer's ability to conserve power is even more important for the power-hungry Battleship. In a multiship fleet operation, the Battleship will typically take on the primary combat role, engaging the most powerful foes, while the Scouts and Cruisers stray further from the base stations.


If the Battleship has a drawback, it is that it is too small to carry fighters. The TSN Dreadnought, while it is slow and ponderous compared to the Battleship, is roughly equivalent in firepower, and can launch a pair of fighters to take on the enemy at range. The TSN Carrier lacks the firepower to compete directly with the Battleship, but it carries 5 fighters, which do about the same beam damage as the Battleship does alone. Unlike old Terran naval battleships, however, it is unlikely the Battleship will ever become obsolete. For a standard bridge crew of six, it is still arguably the best choice available.  


Quick Stats
Forward Shields:
Back Shields:
Beam damage: 12
Beam DPS:
2.0 - 6.0 depending on power settings
Max beam DPS:
24.0 at full power and in the 88 degree forward arc
Beam Range: 1000
Torpedo Tubes: 2
Torpedo Stores: 8 Homing, 2 Nukes, 6 Mines, 4 ECM, 5 PShock (2.2 only)
Top Speed:
Energy Use: 110% of standard, 110% warp, 110% jump
Beam Arcs (at Zoom 1)





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