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Science Base Station

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Science Base Station


The Science Base Station is an outpost built for scientific research. It is usually positioned near interesting stellar phenomena. It is not a very large base, and usually has a crew of only a handful of scientists.


While the Science Base is small, it carries standard base shields, and usually carries a supply of torpedoes that it can use to resupply ships that dock at the station. The inhabitants of a Science Base rely on the TSN for protection, and their lives of research are so lonely that they often appreciate visitors just for the chance to talk to someone. Although their sensors are usually occupied with whatever research they are involved in, they are happy to scan the area around them for enemies and share that information with the Artemis.


The Science Base is not built for manufacturing, so it has only half the usual build rate, but a Science Base is capable of building torpedoes, even Nukes.



Quick Stats

Shields: (Front and Back)
Build Factor:


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